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Affordable Relocation Solutions


Ever since I had a newspaper round as a child, I have loved looking at property. I studied Urban Property Surveying at University with the dream of becoming an Estate Agent, but quickly realised that I am not a sales person and if I don’t think a property is good then I can’t encourage someone to buy it.


I spent a number of years doing secretarial and administrative work in London, New York and Sydney until I found my dream job in 2005, working as a Home Search Consultant for a relocation company in London where I specialised in corporate individuals moving from overseas. After working there I went on to set up my own business, however this was put on hold for a while when we moved to South Africa in 2013.


 Drawing on my time overseas and having learnt from my own experience of relocating, having made the move back to the UK from Cape Town with family, two dogs and a cat in tow, I understand how stressful international moves can be! It isn't easy finding a new home overseas when you're not in the country and I know how important it is in order to feel excited about your move. This is what drives my passion to help you find that special somewhere for you to call home.


Most people think looking for a house is fun - so why would you pay someone else to look for you?


Perhaps you live overseas or a long way away from the area that you are relocating to and need some guidance as to which area would suit you best.  Or maybe work is just too busy for you to get away and you would rather someone cuts down the options for you so that you don’t waste your time. 

Surrey Search offers affordable alternatives to Home Search that remove the time consuming part of finding a house but do not take the actual fun of looking at houses away from you. 


I am not an Estate Agent who will be acting on behalf of the seller. I work only for you and offer completely unbiased advice. 


I live in and focus only on Surrey in order to be able to offer you the very best advice possible.

I will save you time. There is nothing worse than viewing a property that you have driven miles to see and you know it is not for you before you have even walked through the door.

I am not a big organisation and will give you one to one attention from start to finish.


I am happy to help everyone, whatever your budget. I love my job and truly want to find the right home for you.

We employed the services of Georgina even though we had relocation services supplied by my husband's company. We were looking for someone who really understands what a relocation involves for a family. She found us the perfect temporary accommodation in the perfect location in an extremely difficult market.  Focused and with excellent communication skills she gave us confidence and reassurance during a very stressful stage of our move. I would not hesitate to recommend her warmth and professionalism to anyone contemplating an international move. 

Georgina went above and beyond for us. We are currently resident in the UAE and having had someone to 'lean on' through this house buying process has quite simply transformed the experience for us. Invariably, it made our decision making easier and, without Georgina's guidance, we may have taken a chance on the wrong house. We are now days away from completing on a house that we have never set foot in! Within an hour of the agent calling us about this house, Georgina had driven to the road, parked and filmed (as she walked) all the details that Google Maps cannot provide. I'm ever so grateful to Georgina for her guidance, support and help through this journey. Having someone to bounce ideas off, discuss the buying process with, find and visit houses, and provide unbiased feedback is invaluable (even more so if buying from afar). Thank you Georgina.

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