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Fees: £150

Registering with Estate Agents can be an overwhelming task as there are so many in every residential area but it is really worth registering with all of them - including the agents who do not have any listings online at the time of your initial search as properties are often marketed discretely or go long before they have gone online.

I do not just enter your details into the various property search engines - I will contact all of the agents in your preferred area individually so that they have your contact details and housing requirements and they will then call you direct when a property becomes available. 

If there is a small area that you are particularly keen to live in then I am very happy to do a mail drop on your behalf in the hope that I find someone who may be considering selling.

Fees: £200 

I find out your exact requirements and register your search with the agents as above. I then arrange a series of appointments for you on one particular day or days depending on your availability.  You then just have to turn up and the agents will meet you at each property.  I will not be there for the viewings but I am always available to offer advice should you need it.

Fees: £250 for the first day and £100 per day subsequent to that

I will call and register your search with all of the agents in the area/s that you choose.  The rental market is generally fast so I will accompany you as and when properties become available over a six month period.  Once you have found your property, I will assist with negotiating a rental price, reviewing the Rental Agreement, move related logistics, attending the inventory check and the setting up of utilities.

Fees: We charge a retainer fee of £500 and on finding a property, we charge £1000 which is payable upon signing of the Tenancy Agreement.

Fees: I charge a retainer fee of £500 and 1.25% of the purchase price is payable upon completion (minus the £500 retainer fee).

You will receive ongoing support from day one of your search. This will include calling around and registering your search, constant communication with the estate agents in the area and yourself, plus accompanied house viewings for a period of up to one year.  I am also happy to view and video properties and locations on your behalf in order to save you a trip and negotiate and agree the purchase price. If required I can also offer assistance with your move and setting up your home (including utilities, etc).

Price dependent on the services required.

When you find out you are moving countries, making the move is so much easier when you know where you are actually moving to.  At Surrey Search we specialise in overseas moves and can offer you as many or as few services as you would like.  We offer all of the following services but if you require assistance with something else then please feel free to contact us.


  • Area Assistance

  • Assist with sourcing short term accommodation, rented or with a house purchase

  • Registering your search in the area that you would like to move to

  • View properties on your behalf 

  • Provide video clips of the property itself or its surrounding areas so that you can gauge what it is like

  • Receiving your shipment and setting up of utilities


I am also very happy to help with finding short term accommodation or just offer area advice to anyone thinking about moving to Surrey. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact me and we will work out a search solution that is perfect for you.